Keeps our minds in place. Im happy we are starting to appreciate our beauty

I can post anything on this and no one would notice….hmmm >.>

I can post anything on this and no one would notice….hmmm >.>


Today blake and I talked about you. Its been almost three years since you passed away. I think if I see you again I will say sorry for the distance but I we were growing up. No longer were we little kids playing with play-dough. But it hurts to know that we won’t catch up until my time is up.

But I am sorry

Another Note

I always invisioned the day I left Sydney I would write a letter to everyone that I ever talked to. As I leave Sydney soon but Im far too scared to show people that wouldn’t even think about me anymore


But the idea of ladders does exist

Phone Cords

Its 2:18 am and so that will make it 2 weeks that these thoughts have been planted in my brain. As I type this I question why I’m actually using this I guess I like the feeling of venting to thin air with the off chance of people stumbling across this. The truth is I have a constant knot my stomach that’s getting tightened every time I think of people that use to sit in forests with me or discuss the life we would lead then one day you’re almost 20 looking back from when you were 12 and I just wanted everyone to still be here I wanted to see us as we were when we were kids.

no one

i never see people taking photos any more what da!


people need to start talking yeah!

Hal rotting the ooltrum

Hal rotting the ooltrum

good thing about tumblr

is i can write shit and  no one will pay attention they will just see heaps of words and be like hey man that guy knows what hes writing about and as you will see i shall prove this theory as i sip on my glass of alcohol  i am now pondering what it would be like to be a zebra with spots and at the same time how much it would hurt to eat your own nose but could you smell still or would it just smell like blood and if it were to do such things can i really make sense to write things like this but maybe if it were later on in the morning it wouldn’t look like such things but at the end of the day i am still really tall but i dont even own a door so how much can i smell 

drinking the drink

drink drink drink im probably the drinking man of woman


You will not be able to see my leap.

how upsetting

I Will

Start Posting Again. :D